Laboratoires Réunis Luxembourg S.A. joins forces with Biogroup


Laboratoires Réunis Luxembourg S.A. joins forces with Biogroup, a major player in medical biology in Europe

A strategic partnership to ensure the long-term future of Laboratoires Réunis

Luxembourg, 1 July 2021 - Laboratoires Réunis Luxembourg S.A. is joining forces with the Biogroup group of medical analysis laboratories, which is acquiring a stake in Laboratoires Réunis following the retirement of Mr Udo Margraff after 15 years with the laboratory as managing partner.

The Managing Director of Laboratoires Réunis, Prof. Dr. Bernard Weber, has decided to join forces with Biogroup to ensure the long-term future of his company, which he has managed for more than 20 years.

Biogroup is the ideal partner for our laboratory, because it shares our values and opens the door to an international distribution network for analyses in preventive biology and personalised medicine, the disciplines of the future for the health of us all... Biogroup is a financially solid company which, like our laboratory, is synonymous with quality, innovation and speed.

Prof. Dr. Weber.Laboratoires Réunis

Laboratoires Réunis remains under Luxembourg management and will continue to operate under the same name.

Prof. Dr. Weber will continue to lead the laboratory as Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer with the same high standards and reliability, alongside Dr. Stéphane Tholl as Deputy Chief Executive Officer (deputy-CEO) and Hans-Peter Schönhofen as Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

"Laboratoires Réunis is a healthy, dynamic company with strong growth potential. We look forward to working with them", said Dr Stéphane Eimer, Chairman of Biogroup. By entering the Grand Duchy, Biogroup is pursuing its internationalisation strategy. As Dr. Eimer explains: "Maintaining the company's independence has always proved to be the key to success."

About Laboratoires Réunis

Laboratoires Réunis is a private company founded in 1959 that employs around 260 people and has more than 60 blood sampling centres in the Grand Duchy. Known to the general public for its role in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, during which the laboratory was commissioned by the Government to carry out Large Scale Testing, Laboratoires Réunis is a major provider of medical biology services in Luxembourg, as well as analyses for preventive medicine at national and international level.

About Biogroup

A major player in the French medical biology sector, Biogroup is a group of medical analysis laboratories owned mainly by medical biologists, pharmacists or doctors working in its laboratories.

The French group, headquartered in Saint-Denis, was founded in 1998 by Alsatian Dr Stéphane Eimer and remains a leader in the French laboratory market, with more than 700 laboratories across the country. Biogroup has recently expanded internationally with the integration of CMA-Medina, one of Belgium's leading clinical biology laboratories, and the creation of a laboratory in the UK.

Biogroup cares for more than 75,000 patients every day and offers more than 2,000 routine and specialised tests every day, based on performance and technological innovation. Biogroup is committed to providing expert biology services that are local, practical, ethical and respectful of the environment.