What we stand for

Our mission

Laboratoires Réunis is at your health's service.

Laboratoires Réunis is committed to your health. We offer a wide range of lab tests at more than 60 sites. An innovative, efficient service that complies with the strictest quality standards.

Our values

We are experts in our field

Laboratory diagnostics is our business and our passion. We have over 50 years' experience.

We are human

Our open and accessible approach is reflected in our warm welcome and the diversity of the languages we speak, from Luxembourgish to German, French, Portuguese and English.

We are looking to the future

What motivates us is constant development in all areas in order to offer you the best possible service. We're forward-thinking and we like a challenge.

We are agile

Thanks to our team of interdisciplinary experts, we can adapt quickly to new conditions and always act effectively in your interests.

We are committed to sustainability

We strive to conserve resources in every aspect of our work. Whether it's the management of materials, the use of technology or our operational processes, we are actively committed to a sustainable approach.

Our vision

As experts in laboratory diagnostics, we are continually committed to your health. Our laboratory tests are synonymous with reliability and the highest standards of quality. In everything we do, we are innovative and forward-thinking, constantly striving to develop. Our declared aim is to become a centre of excellence in integrative medical diagnostics.

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