A new stage for Laboratoires Réunis!


We're excited to share with you another exciting step in the evolution of our medical laboratory. In collaboration with Wild Solutions, we have undertaken a complete rebranding, a transformation that marks a decisive turning point in our history.

Our overriding aim, over and above maintaining the excellence of our services, is to create a refreshing, modern and above all welcoming atmosphere for our patients. The first part of this metamorphosis concerns our visual identity.

With meticulous care, we have revisited our logo and colour palette, adapting them to current trends while retaining the spirit that characterises us.

True to our values

This change symbolises our desire to remain at the cutting edge of innovation, while remaining true to our core values. This redesign is not limited to aesthetics. It extends to our communications media, offering a more fluid and engaging user experience. Every point of contact with our customers, from brochures to advertisements, has been redesigned to reflect our new image.

But the change doesn't stop there.

Our blood collection centres, which are crucial to our business, have also benefited from a new and improved design. The exterior of these centres has been completely redesigned, with the aim of providing an environment that is not only functional but also warm and welcoming.

The aim is to make every visit as pleasant and reassuring as possible. In the same spirit of modernisation, our vehicles have been significantly updated. They now proudly bear our new branding, ensuring a strong and consistent visual presence wherever they go. This evolution is not just aesthetic; it reflects our commitment to providing a quality, efficient and reliable service.. 

Our commitment to customer service

A central element of this transformation is our new website, developed in partnership with Apart. Accessible via www.labo.lu, the site boasts enhanced functionality and a user-friendly design. We have paid particular attention to making the user interface intuitive, facilitating access to important information and improving overall interaction with our customers.

This new site reflects our commitment to making your experience with us even more pleasant and hassle-free. This transformation is more than just an aesthetic update; it is a symbol of our unwavering commitment to offering you the best possible service, wherever you are and whenever you want it.