Why use FlorVaScan?

The FlorVaScan examination is an in-depth analysis of the vaginal flora based on cytological, biomolecular and microbiological analyses, and provides a detailed, personalised interpretation of the results obtained.

Florvascan allows targeted treatment of the underlying causes of an imbalance in bacterial flora, thanks to targeted therapeutic recommendations.

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The facts

Vaginal infections are one of the main reasons for consulting a gynaecologist.

An imbalance in the vaginal flora, or even bacterial vaginosis, increases the risk of ascending infections and may be associated with a risk of premature birth or complications during pregnancy. In addition, diaper rash and oral thrush in infants are often attributable to a proliferation of yeasts present in the mother.

Who should carry out this analysis and when?

  • Women suffering from recurrent vaginal discomfort, vaginitis or urinary tract infections.
  • As part of pregnancy monitoring or before surgery.
  • To check the effectiveness of a medical treatment.

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