INNOVATION: Research and development with the finger on the pulse of the time


Laboratoires Réunis’ Research & Development (R&D) constantly develops new diagnostic, functional and genetic tests to meet customers’ changing requirements and to provide them with a comprehensive, personalized, preventative and integrative medicine, for today and tomorrow. To achieve this goal, we use cutting-edge scientific knowledge and innovative technologies.

Thanks to existing tests but also especially thanks to innovations, it is and it will be possible at Laboratoires Réunis for each individual to acquire greater self-knowledge and positively influence  quality of life, vitality and health.

Special attention is currently paid to tackling the common diseases which pose major challenges for our societies! Ongoing demographic change is contributing to an ageing population. At first sight, increased life expectancy could be considered as positive but it may also present a real threat. Ageing is frequently associated with chronic, life-limiting and ultimately fatal illnesses. In particular, oncological (various cancers), cardiovascular (e.g. atherosclerosis, myocardial infarction, arterial hypertension), neurodegenerative (e.g. Alzheimer's, Parkinson's disease), pulmonary-systemic (e.g. COPD), and metabolic diseases (e.g. diabetes) are of great concern. Whenever a person is ill, the treatment is often limited to symptom-alleviating (palliative) measures, as complete healing is often not possible. That is the reason why the general goal must be prevention!

In addition to assisting in the early detection and diagnosis of diseases through advanced laboratory analyses, we are committed to developing innovative test systems that allow for the consideration of each individual (personalized medicine). Genetic predispositions, lifestyle and environmental factors are considered together as these factors determine the likelihood of an individual getting sick in the future. Based on this, personalized recommendations are provided that can positively influence well-being and health and thus improve the quality of life.

Laboratoires Réunis strives inter alia to fight chronic diseases by developing and offering specific genetic tests and measuring disease-specific conglomerates of biomarkers. Doing so, we should be able to early detect genetic predispositions and subclinically increased biomarkers so that appropriate countermeasures shall be taken.
Recent scientific findings have shown that in addition to genetic variations or mutations, DNA methylation and the composition of the intestinal flora can play a crucial role in the expression of chronic diseases in old age, but also in children (e.g. autism). Based on this, our R&D staff continuously develops meaningful test panels that show the status quo of patients. The use of advanced technologies, such as next generation sequencing (NGS) enables us to achieve the best possible results.

Besides these internal R&D activities, we also cooperate with various academic institutions in applied research and clinical trials. Furthermore, Laboratoires Réunis is a partner of other diagnostic laboratories and companies, nursing staff, professional societies and government institutes. This active exchange ensures that we remain up to date on the latest research and technology.