About us

Laboratoires Réunis is an independent clinical laboratory with more than 50 years of experience. We are committed to providing high quality testing services and accurate, timely tests results to all our patients. Our expertise extends from classical clinical chemistry diagnostics and microbiology to the diagnosis of infectious diseases and up to genetic testing.

Laboratoires Réunis keeps investing in science and technology in order to bring better outcomes for doctors and patients alike. Our R&D is driven by expert clinicians and scientists who are all committed to keeping our lab at the forefront of research and innovation. With 280 employees, our lab is a privileged partner for all healthcare biotech activities and business.

We also place a strong focus on activities related to molecular diagnostics considered as the main pillar of personalised medicine.

Personalised medicine offers an innovative approach to healthcare which aims to provide each individual with the right care, in the right place, at the right time and at the right cost. This may allow physicians to tailor therapy with the best outcomes in the management of patient’s disease. Personalised medicine includes preventive genetic testing in combination with personal history and lifestyle as well as environmental factors. By combining and analysing information about our genome with other clinical and diagnostic information, preventive recommendations are given to avoid the disease and lower the individual risk.

Constant advances in medical biology and new molecular methods have enabled our department of microbiology to develop a large panel of new techniques for the diagnosis of infectious diseases. Laboratoires Réunis is the preferred international partner for specialised testing in genetics, genomics and molecular diagnostics of these infectious diseases.

Since 2006 Laboratoires Réunis has been accredited under Standard ISO 15189 and it has confirmed its position as the national leader in the field of predictive genetics and molecular diagnosis of infectious diseases in Luxembourg. In the last ten years, our staff developed a unique panel of phenotypic and genotypic markers, which constitutes a major tool for the integrative approach of multifactorial and environment linked diseases.

Laboratoires Réunis supports regular Continuing Medical Education (CME) for physicians and other healthcare professionals. With a network of over 60 blood withdrawal centres across Luxembourg, patients and physicians are granted proximity and easy access to our extensive range of premium services.

Since 2018, Laboratoires Réunis has been also taking care of the health of your animals. Our Department of Veterinary Medicine is known for having experienced pathologists focused on providing comprehensive veterinary diagnostic services.


Some of our historical milestones

1959 – Establishment of Kutter medical laboratory

1989 – Establishment of Lieners-Hastert medical laboratory

1996 – Both laboratories merged to form Laboratoires Réunis

1997 – Inauguration of the headquarters building in Junglinster.

2001 – Introduction of the first marker in preventive medicine

2003 – Introduction of markers for human genetics

2005 – Implementation of pharmacogenetics

2006 – First ISO 15189 accreditation

2007 – Awarded with Luxembourg’s Prize for business excellence and quality of service

2010 – Creation of the Department of Molecular Diagnostics for infectious Diseases

2012 – Implementation of a quality management system (TQM)

2012–2014 – New laboratories in Belgium and in Germany

2016 – Cooperation with Gesond.lu, healthcare provider

2018 – Start of the veterinary laboratory