Allergy type IV, not IgE-mediated

This is a late-type allergy based on allergen-specific T lymphocytes that target food proteins. The reaction often occurs only after a delay of 24-48 hours after eating. The symptoms are equally complex and range from gastrointestinal inflammatory symptoms (leaky gut) to eczema of the skin and an increase in myalgic or arthritic symptoms. Detection of T-cell sensitization to a food is possible via the Lymphocyte Transformation Test (LTT). LTT is used for food intolerances when:

  • The reaction only occurs after several hours and lasts for days.
  • Eczematous skin changes, gastrointestinal complaints, myalgia and arthritic complaints stand in the foreground.

At Laboratoires Réunis you have 4 test profiles available to identify the causative food allergen:

  • LTT foods TOP25 (this includes the 25 most frequently positive tested allergens)
  • LTT foods TOP II and III (each profile contains 25 specific food allergens)
  • LTT foods TOP 25 vegan (this includes the 25 most positive tested vegan foods)

Please note that the LTT tests can only be performed in our blood withdrawal centers in Luxembourg.