Patients and data protection information

Patients and data protection information

Dear patient,

Our laboratory needs to process and store some of your personal data. These data are mainly necessary for the purpose of your clinical follow up and for administrative use.

These data are usually:

  • administrative (e.g. surname and first names, gender, date of birth, address, social insurance number),
  • or important for your medical treatment (e.g. medical history, reason and kind of treatment),

The main purpose of these records is to provide a mean of communication to facilitate your safe care and treatment. It is a part of your Health Record.

These records may also be used for communication with external health care providers, subcontracting laboratories and statutory and regulatory bodies.

Practically speaking, our laboratory may refer biological analyses to another laboratory if the applicable regulations, technical, economical or quality reasons or any explicit request prevent it from doing the analysis itself.

The medical prescription acts in this context as a contract. The provision of personal data for such processing is required in order to conclude the contract. Failure to provide the data may result in LABORATOIRES RÉUNIS being unable to fulfil the contract.

If at all possible, only anonymized data will be transferred.

Depending on the type of sample, your biological specimens are retained by the laboratory in accordance with the applicable regulations.

Your data are stored on specially secured servers in Luxembourg, to which only LABORATOIRES RÉUNIS as responsible entity (controller) has access.

We apply the highest standards to protect your privacy and to treat your personal data confidentially. In order to prevent any manipulation, loss or misuse of your data stored by us, we take extensive technical and organizational precautions that are regularly reviewed and adjusted in line with technical progress.

As a basic rule any personal data is destroyed after treatment is complete, but stored for no longer than 10 years according to the Luxemburgish law.

As the person affected (data subject) you have the right to information, correction, deletion, restriction of processing, data portability and the right to complain to the responsible data protection authority.

In addition it is possible for you to revoke at any time the consent that you have given, and to do so without statement of reasons.

In this case please contact:

Responsable party:
38, rue Hiehl
Z.A.C. Laangwiss

Tel.: +352 780 290 1

The responsible party’s data protection officer may be reached under: