Dr. Stéphane Tholl appointed CEO of Laboratoires Réunis

Laboratoires Réunis has appointed Dr Stéphane Tholl as its new CEO. He succeeds Prof. Dr. med. Bernard Weber, under whose leadership the company has grown considerably in recent years. 
Professor Weber will remain active in the company as Chairman of the Board of Directors. Stéphane Tholl took up his new position on 3 October 2023.

Bernard Weber commented: "I am delighted that Stéphane Tholl has accepted his appointment and I wish him every success as CEO of Laboratoires Réunis. I am convinced that his personal and professional qualities will enable us, working hand in hand with the Laboratoires Réunis teams, to meet the challenges facing the company. His long experience within our laboratory, his activity on the management committee and finally his commitment to Large Scale Testing give Stéphane an excellent understanding of the issues related to our field of expertise and have prepared him for the essential role he will have to play in the years to come. His vision for our company, his pragmatic and collegial attitude, his open-mindedness and his positive personality will ensure that Laboratoires Réunis continues on the road to success!

Commenting on his appointment, Stéphane Tholl said: "I would like to thank Bernard Weber and the members of the Management Committee for their confidence. Since my arrival in 2013, I have been able to grasp all the areas and issues facing our company. We are facing major challenges that I am ready to meet, especially as I can count on the commitment of our teams to continue to develop Laboratoires Réunis as a major player in the healthcare sector in Luxembourg and internationally. I look forward to contributing to the expansion of our distribution networks and working on the development of our preventive medicine division. I'll be giving my all at the helm of Laboratoires Réunis!

Laboratoires Réunis' core business is the production and medical interpretation of high-quality, reliable and innovative clinical biology analyses. Thanks to Bernard Weber's expertise, Laboratoires Réunis quickly became an international benchmark in molecular biology, both in the molecular diagnosis of infectious diseases and in predictive genetics and functional biology. For over 20 years, Laboratoires Réunis has played a pioneering role in the development of analytical procedures for exploring the gut microbiome, pharmacogenetic markers and multiplex PCR. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic, we have realised that people with pre-existing diseases have a higher risk of developing a severe course of the disease. This is why preventive and personalised medicine, which has been one of Laboratoires Réunis' areas of expertise for many years, will play a major role in our expansion strategy. And this on an international scale.

About Dr Stéphane Tholl:


After obtaining his Master's degree in microorganism biology, with a specialisation in virology, at the Université Louis Pasteur in Strasbourg, he continued his scientific curriculum with a thesis on the molecular and cellular aspects of biology in collaboration with the Molecular and Cellular Oncology Laboratory at the Luxembourg Institute of Health (LIH, formerly CRP-Santé). Working at Laboratoires Réunis since 2013, he has successively held the positions of Head of Customer Relations, Chief Customer Officer and Chief Operating Officer before becoming Deputy CEO and Managing Director in 2021. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he implemented the first drive-in PCR testing stations and led the Large Scale Testing project in collaboration with the Directorate of Health and the Ministry of Health, during which Laboratoires Réunis carried out a total of 2.5 million PCR tests.

About Laboratoires Réunis:

Laboratoires Réunis is a Luxembourg medical biology laboratory whose expertise and know-how are based on over 50 years' experience. With a network of more than 60 blood sampling centres throughout Luxembourg, we produce more than 25,000 test results every day in compliance with the highest quality standards, all in the service of our patients' health and well-being. Since 2021, Laboratoires Réunis has been part of Biogroup - a company with a network of over 900 laboratories in France, Belgium and Spain. Biogroup has opened up a great opportunity for us. We are now able to offer our preventive medicine analyses throughout Europe.