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Online payment

Laboratoires Réunis provides you with a secure online service to facilitate payment of your invoice.
After the transaction authentication, we will validate and complete your order.
Please note that the transaction authentication may take a few moments.

Authentication includes the payment notification, Price in Euro and your Email.


Please enter notification in your payment, so that we can assign your payment with your order.


Customer-No.: 6 digits for example - 123456
Invoice-No.: for example - INV2016000498
Name/City: for example - Jon Doe, London

Date and Time Th., 20.09.2018, 13:03 h
Payment notification
For example “INV 2014 1234”
Price in Euro  
By entering my data and activating the button "Check", I declare my consent to the use of my data to process the payment. I have been informed that my data will only be forwarded to the appointed payments service provider solely in order to process the payment.
I may revoke my consent to record personal data recorded during the registration process at any time.