Test Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2


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PCR-Test for 2019-nCoV virus on nasopharyngeal smear (or if not possible, RCR-Test on oropharyngeal smear)

sampling instructions

If you think you have been exposed to the coronavirus, or if you show symptoms like fever, cough, breathing difficulties,
it is essential to CALL a doctor. Your doctor will explain you how to proceed.


Coronavirus testing is possible

  • at Laboratoires Réunis  DRIVE-IN COVID-19 stations or
  • in one of the 4 new advanced care centers, (CSA,Centres de soins avancées)

Arriving at the DRIVE-IN:

Please make sure that your address on your prescription is complete and write down your mobile number, since you may get the result (if negative) by SMS.

Drive-In adresses EN

The test is reimbursed by the healthcare insurance if you have a medical prescription.

CoVid-19 test results are delivered within 48h


Operation of the CSA:

The 4 new structures are set up to enable the strict and secure separation of the patients according to the reason of their medical consultations:

  • The first one is exclusively designed to receive patients showing signs of a COVID-19 infection
  • The second one is reserved for all other patients showing up for other reasons and without any Covid-19 symptom.

4 « Centres de soins avancés » facilities: Opening hours: 7days a week from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

4 CSA-Adresses

Our nurses ensure the smooth operation of our DRIVE-IN stations, but they also  provide support in the CSA in Ettelbruck and in Grevenmacher, where they collect the specimen samples for COVID-19 testing.

To learn more (only in French):

PATTERN OF an Advanced care center « centre de soins avancés » :