Molecular diagnosis of infectious diseases

The continuous progress in molecular diagnosis and the profound knowledge in medical human and molecular biology enable our laboratory to develop modern, innovative methods for the examination of infectious diseases.

With real-time-PCR, a method is available which is characterized by precision, rapidity and cost efficiency. This method allows specific and sensitive detection of RNA and DNA and differentiation of numerous bacteria, viruses and parasites in diverse materials (e.g. blood, stool, swabs etc.).

The ultimate ambition of the department of molecular diagnosis of infectious diseases is a reasonable, individualized diagnosis as the basis for early detection and optimized therapy.

Our tests are subdivided into different categories based on clinical symptoms, clinical indication and pathogens.

  • Urogenital infections/ cervical carcinoma (HPV DNA high risk, HPV genotyping, HPV E6/7 mRNA)
  • Bacterial respiratory infections
  • Viral respiratory infections
  • Influenza A/B/H1N1
  • Bacterial gastroenteritis
  • Viral gastroenteritis
  • Parasitic gastroenteritis
  • Sexually transmitted diseases
  • Opportunistic infections
  • Fever and rash
  • Vesicular rash
  • Dermatophytes
  • Eye infections
  • Viral Meningitis