Colon Cancer prevention

Colorectal cancer is the second most frequent cause of death due to cancer. More than 230,000 people still die of this disease throughout Europe. Colon cancer can almost always be cured if it is detected early. Regular colon cancer screening is therefore essential and should be an integral part of health care from the age of 50.

With regard to the early detection of colorectal cancer, colonoscopy remains the gold standard. However, the acceptance of a colonoscopy is still unsatisfactory, so that the study of occult blood in stool has been a complementary test for many years.

At Laboratoires Réunis we offer you the following methods of detection:

iFOBT (immunological detection of fecal occult blood). Studies have shown that immunological tests (iFOBT) can detect invisible blood in the stool with a higher sensitivity than with the conventional guaiac test.

Septin9 test (blood test). Similarly, the Septin9 blood test offers an alternative for simple non-invasive screening. The test detects methylated DNA that enters the bloodstream from tumor cells. Only a blood sample is required for this. A previous diet is not necessary.