Preventive genetic profiles

Discover the genetic tests developed by Laboratoires Réunis in response to the increasing interest in preventive medicine. All panels are based on the vast experience and know-how of Laboratoires Réunis in the field of genetic testing.

The analytical method used in all tests is the polymerase chain reaction (PCR), which is based on the analysis of the mononucleotide polymorphisms.
The results take into account both lifestyle (history) and genetic predisposition. A final report with the results will be delivered in duplicate. 

Since the genetic makeup of a human being does not change in the course of life, there is no need to get tested several times.

For genetic testing, the following specimen samples are suitable: saliva, EDTA blood (anticoagulated blood) or dried blood drops (also called DBS).

These samples are expected to be stable for about 6 weeks when stored at room temperature. You can get the sampling kits by sending an e-mail to:

All preventive genetic tests are carried out on a sub-contracted basis by an accredited laboratory.