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Telomeres Length

Telomeres are DNA structures on the end of chromosomes ensuring their stability during the cellular replication process. Scientific evidence shows that critically short telomeres are related to cell senescence, aging, and to the emergence of age related diseases. Lifestyle and nutritional habits as well as environmental factors, all influence on critically short telomeres and our rate of aging.

Measuring critically short telomeres and comparing biological age versus chronological age can encourage people to take healthy measures and modify their habits.

Laboratoires Réunis in collaboration with Life Length have the pleasure to inform you that your blood sample for telomeres analyses can be sent to the following address:

Laboratoires Réunis
38, rue Hiehl
ZAC Langwies
L- 6131 Junglinster

You would like to know more? You can find more information on the Life Length website.