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Comprehensive Analysis of Gut Ecology System

The intestine has a surface of 400m² and is herewith the largest body surface of the human organism. It contains about 1014 microorganisms, which perform important metabolic, secretory, and immunological tasks.

Many exogenous and endogenous factors influence the quantitative and qualitative composition of the gastrointestinal flora. An imbalance of this composition can cause gastrointestinal discomfort and promote endogenous infections as well as numerous other diseases.

FlorInScan is the basic profile in modern analysis of the gastrointestinal flora. As an important part of the laboratory diagnosis in personalized medicine, FlorInScan is highly recommended in all cases of uncertain gastrointestinal symptoms and immunologic or allergic diseases.

FlorInScan Plus is an advanced screening, which includes, in addition to the markers analyzed in the basic profile, the assessment of several immunologic or inflammatory biomarkers, thus allowing the evaluation of invasive alterations of the mucosa and permeability issues, as observed e.g. in cases of gastrointestinal chronic inflammatory diseases and tumors.


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