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Welcome to Laboratoires Réunis

We are committed to providing quick, precise, and high-quality medical analysis.
For more than 50 years we have applied our knowledge and expertise to serve your health.

  • In the case of chronically recurring vaginal discomfort. A comprehensive analysis of the vaginal flora allows your physician a targeted and effective therapy. More about FlorVaScan here.

  • Laboratoires Réunis is actively involved in research and development. To read more click here.

  • An inadequate and disbalanced nutrition may lead to cardiovascular dis­eases, obesity and inflammation. Discover the new fatty acids status.

  • A simple blood test allows you to test a possible food intolerance to the 22 most common foods. More about the NEW ImuProScreen Test.

  • Do you know your hidden risk for STROKE or HEART ATTACK?
    The PLAC test does.

  • On 27th May 2015 our spin-off society FTD (Fast-Track-Diagnostics), have partnered with Biocartis. To read more click here.

  • Laboratoires Réunis participated in the GYN Monaco Congress which took place in Monaco from 11-13 June 2015. To read more click here.

  • On 8th and 22 nd July 2015, blood donation in our center in CLERVAUX.

  • Laboratoires Réunis participate in the 5th Pro-aging Europe Congress GYN  which will take place in Brussels  on November 22, 2015. Visit us at our BOOTH. To read more click here.

As our organization effectiely carries out its operations, with our vision we continue to accomplish sustainable growth and make the world a healthier place. Our company culture defines the behavior and attitude. which is required from us to make our visions a reality, fulfill our values, and provide a quality service to our customers.