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Welcome to Laboratoires Réunis

We are committed to providing quick, precise, and high-quality medical analysis.
For more than 50 years we have applied our knowledge and expertise to serve your health.

  • From 11-13.11.2016 Laboratoires Réunis will participate in the 6th Pro-aging Europe Congress  which will take place in Brussels. To read more click here.

  • On 2 and 16.11.2016 blood donation in our center in CLERVAUX.

  • From 14-15.10.2016 Laboratoires Réunis participated in the Well Aging Andropause Menopause Symposium which took place in Luxembourg. To read more click here.

  • From 20-21.05.2016 we participated in the GRAIN (Groupe de Recherche et d'Application en Immunologie et Nutrition) which took place in SAINT RAPHAEL. To read more click here.

  • From 31.03 -2.04.2016 we participated in the 14th Aesthetic & Anti-aging Medicine World Congress which took place in MONACO. To read more click here.

  • From 15-17.10.2015 we participated in the 12th Anti-Aging Conference which will took place in London. To read more click here.

As our organization effectiely carries out its operations, with our vision we continue to accomplish sustainable growth and make the world a healthier place. Our company culture defines the behavior and attitude. which is required from us to make our visions a reality, fulfill our values, and provide a quality service to our customers.